What exactly is a hot stone massage?

Dorothy Sinding
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This amazing form of massage therapy uses smooth, flat, heated stones to assist in delivering additional heat to your massage.

It's cold out - come in for some hot stone massage!


What can I expect during a hot stone massage session?

Hot stone massage is a type of massage therapy. It can be an incredibly relaxing form of massage while also having other beneficial components including easing tense muscles and damaged soft tissues throughout the body.
During a hot stone massage, flat, smooth gently heated stones on placed on very specific parts of your body. The black stones are of comprised of basalt - a type of volcanic rock known to keep heat. During massage we may place stones along your spine, or on your stomach, chest, face, palms or on your feet or toes.
In addition to placing stones in one spot, the massage therapist may move the stones with long strokes or circular movements in specific areas of tissue.

What are the advantages of receiving a hot stone massage?

Heat is very often used to ease muscle pain or tension. It helps increase blood flow to the affected area and can help increase flexibility and range of motion. Hot stone massage helps localize heat on tissue areas that need the most attention. In addition, with the colder months of Ontario winter now here, hot stone massage is a delightfully warming and relaxing way to relieve stress. 
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