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Enjoy one-on-one personal training, state-of-the-art equipment, and expert-led group training sessions, all tailored to help you reach your fitness goals.


Our wellness services include holistic stress management programs, mindfulness, and therapeutic services to enhance mental and physical balance.


Receive customized nutrition plans, guided meal prep sessions, and expert dietary consultations designed to optimize your health and fuel your performance.

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Meet our team

Get to know the dedicated professionals committed to supporting your journey to success.

CLint Sinding, CEO

Elite Personal Trainer

Dorothy Sinding, owner

Registered Massage Therapist
Elite Personal Trainer

Advanced, PTA

Melissa Papaioannou

Elite Personal Trainer
Advanced, PTA

Stefane Miranda

Elite Personal Trainer, PTA

Stephanie Higgins

Registered Physiotherapist
Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist

Kristina Clement

Registered Reflexologist


What Our clients Say

Discover the impact we’ve made through the words of those who’ve experienced our services firsthand.

Randy B

Eating for success, better body exchange, and the drive to become the best version of myself, has been a great experience. In an upbeat gym, with awesome people, I have learned so much about food, weight lifting, and myself that I can proudly say losing 46lbs has been a blast. Thanks to Elite Training Facility for the sweat, motivation and laughs!

Angela W

I have attended many gyms that offer fitness classes and needed a gym to coach me, guide me and help maintain my goal weight and to lose another 15 lbs. I have found the perfect blend of small group training with a trainer who doesn’t stay at the front of the class, but engages, and inspects the activities for correct form. Classes are updated monthly to avoid plateauing and lost interest. In less than 6 weeks, under Dorothy and Clint’s training, I have lost 4lbs and as of to date I have lost 104 lbs.

Jim N

When deciding to lose weight, I turned to Clint for help. His fun and challenging exercises in BBE, combined with constant encouragement and advice on eating healthier, worked for me. In the process of losing 25 lbs in about 3 months, he’s provided me with the tools in order to maintain my weight for 3 years and counting. I could not have done it without Clint and BBE.

Michelle D

I’ve been going to Elite Training Facility basically since it opened. The primary reason I continue to go there is because of the owners – Clint and Dorothy. They make you feel like you are part of a family. I love the BBE sessions – Clint keeps you motivated and will change exercises for your fitness level. Dorothy’s massages are second to none. It is very convenient to have them both at the same location. This is definitely one of the best places to work out in K-W.

Andrea F

When people ask me what gym I go to, I explain that I don’t go to a gym – I go to a training facility – big difference! I love Clint’s approach to fitness and eating. He’s built such a great “community” at Elite Training Facility and I can’t imagine working out anywhere else!

Nick S

I love Elite Training because when I’m here I don’t just feel like a client but a friend. Clint ensures everyone gets his attention in class and the energy is so dynamic. Nothing feels fake. You can’t help but want to do your best for him and yourself.

Stephanie H

I have been doing BBE classes with Clint for more than 3 years now and will keep going as long as he’ll have me. I love how Clint pushes me to limits I never knew were possible. He keeps finding new ways to challenge my body to be my fittest self ever! I’m fitter and stronger now going into my 30s than I ever was in my 20s and I hope to continue the trend. 🙂

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