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Soothe Your Senses and Unwind with Every Stone

Pain Relief

Ultimate Relaxation

Flexibility Enhancement

From Stress to Rest with Hot Stone Massage

Let the serene warmth of our hot stone massage melt away your stress, transforming tension into tranquility.

Hot Stone Massage in Kitchener with Dorothy Sinding, RMT

Gentle and Therapeutic

Experience the unique combination of traditional Swedish massage techniques with the soothing warmth of oiled stones. At our spa, we maintain the stones at a comfortably warm temperature, strategically placing them on various energy zones across your body. This allows for deep therapeutic effects and profound relaxation. As we gently massage these heated stones over your skin, you’ll notice an enhanced circulation that improves the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your organs and nerve cells.

Dorothy Sinding, RMT

Expert Care in Every Touch

Dorothy is an honors graduate from the Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy and is registered with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario. While skilled in treating ailments like muscle soreness and injuries, Dorothy specializes in helping those suffering from headaches. Drawing from her own experiences with headaches, she focuses on alleviating tension headaches through deep tissue massage and pressure point techniques.

The Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

Experience the restorative power of hot stone massage, a therapy designed to soothe your body and calm your mind. Utilizing heated stones placed at key energy points, this technique deeply penetrates muscles and tissues, offering an array of health benefits.

hot stone massage can help enhance your physical and mental well-being

Promotes lymphatic drainage

Releases lactic acid build-up

Alleviates PMS and menstrual discomfort

Reduces muscle tension and increases joint mobility

Aids in overall detoxification

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No-Show, Late Arrivals & Cancellation Policy

When you book a massage therapy appointment, that time is reserved exclusively for you. Missed appointments prevent us from accommodating other clients. Please understand that therapists and trainers only get paid when they deliver a service. If you fail to show up for your scheduled appointment without notifying us at least 24 hours in advance, you will be required to pay the full cost of the treatment as booked. This payment must be made prior to receiving further massage treatments.

If an emergency arises, please inform us so we can consider your situation individually. We recognize that circumstances beyond your control (such as sudden illness or family emergencies) can occur, and your therapist may make an exception to the above policies on those rare occasions.

Please note, payments for missed appointments cannot be billed to your insurance company. If you arrive late, you will receive only the remaining time of your scheduled session; however, you will be charged for the full duration of the appointment.

*2024 Pricing in effect as of January 1st, 2024. Prices include HST.

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45 Minute Massage


60 Minute Massage


90 Minute Massage
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