Melissa Papaioannou

Experience the best with Elite’s personal trainer

Elite Personal Trainer – Advanced, PTA

Melissa has always led an active lifestyle, participating in sports throughout her life. As she transitioned into adulthood and motherhood, she began to fully appreciate the importance of maintaining her health through a balanced diet and regular exercise.

She understands firsthand the significant impact that exercise has on mental health and confidence. Passionate about assisting others, Melissa is dedicated to helping clients take steps toward a healthier and more positive lifestyle—a journey she knows is not always easy.

Having trained under Clint for over five years, Melissa brings Elite’s energy, fun, and expertise to personal training and the Better Body Exchange strength training classes. We could not think of a better individual to join the Elite team.

Melissa is also a qualified Physical Therapy Assistant. Contact us today to learn more about our Physiotherapy Services Program.

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