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Better Body Exchange offers an inclusive fitness solution through our Semi-Private Training program, designed for all ages and fitness levels. It provides personalized training with progressive workouts and adaptable exercises to meet the unique goals of each participant and their small group, offering a cost-effective alternative to individual sessions.

What is Better Body Exchange (BBE)?

Welcome to Better Body Exchange, where our Semi-Private Training program offers tailored 60-minute workouts designed to enhance weight loss and promote lean muscle development. Suitable for diverse age groups and fitness levels, our expert trainers customize each session’s approach, phases, and exercises to meet the unique needs and objectives of both you and your small group. Bring your friends, family, or coworkers to join and benefit from personalized fitness guidance at a fraction of the cost of individual training sessions. With flexible scheduling options, you can seamlessly integrate these dynamic and engaging workouts into your routine, guiding you towards achieving your fitness goals through structured, goal-oriented training with measurable results.

Key Benefits

The Better Body Exchange offers total body workouts aimed at increasing muscular strength. Many of our clients also have weight loss goals, and cardiovascular components are integrated accordingly. We help you set goals, measure results, and maintain accountability for improving your diet outside of class.

Nutritional guidance is a huge part of the Better Body Exchange. The importance of fuelling the body through food is emphasized, and the ‘Eating for Success’ guide assists in achieving your goals.

Muscular Strength Workouts

Provides comprehensive workouts focused on building muscular strength.

Cardiovascular Integration

Includes cardiovascular exercises to support weight loss goals alongside strength training.

Goal Setting and Accountability

Helps clients set fitness goals, track progress, and maintain accountability, particularly with dietary habits.

Nutritional Guidance

Offers critical advice on proper diet to fuel the body, supported by the “Eating for Success” guide to help achieve fitness goals.

Notable Achievements

Highlights success stories, with some participants losing up to 20 pounds in six weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Better Body Exchange pricing

Begin your journey with a 1-hour consultation for just $30.

(Note: The consultation fee is waived upon the purchase of a Semi-Private Training Pass.)

Group of 3 people


per sesson


10 session pass

($130 per session)


20 session pass

($125 per session)

Group of 4 people


per sesson


10 session pass

($155 per session)


20 session pass

($150 per session)

Group of 5 people


per sesson


10 session pass

($160 per session)


20 session pass

($155 per session)

Groups larger than 5 people


Enjoy a dynamic, full-body workout specifically designed for team sports. Our program includes five rounds of 12 stations, each lasting one minute and targeting all muscle groups to ensure no time is wasted. This format is an excellent way to build strength, conditioning, and overall athleticism. It’s also a fun way to foster team chemistry and encourage competition.

This program is great for high school classes, offering better conditioning and improved play. Functional movements in our sessions include suspension training, Bosu, Swiss and medicine balls, kettlebells and dumbbells, and plyometric training.

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